The 7 Best Haircuts for Oval Faces in Men

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The 7 Best Haircuts for Oval Faces in Men

Having an oval face shape is a blessing as it opens up a world of hairstyle possibilities. With the right haircut, you can enhance your features and achieve a stylish look that suits any occasion. In this article, we will explore seven top hairstyles for men with oval faces.

1. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a simple yet versatile hairstyle that suits oval-faced men perfectly. This style involves cutting the hair very short and evenly all around the head. Not only does it accentuate facial features, but it also requires minimal maintenance. Whether you’re attending a formal event or going for an informal outing, the buzz cut is always on point.

2. Quiff Haircut

The quiff haircut exudes coolness and sophistication, making it ideal for men with oval faces. It has been popularized by icons like James Bond and continues to be one of the most sought-after styles in recent decades. The quiff works particularly well for those with thick hair as it adds volume and texture while maintaining its timeless appeal.

3. Classic Crew Cut

When it comes to versatility and timelessness, few cuts can match the classic crew cut – especially if you have an oval face shape. This low-maintenance hairstyle not only offers a clean and polished appearance but also highlights your strong jawline while enhancing overall facial symmetry.

4. Side Part

The side part is another classic haircut that complements oval-faced men effortlessly. By creating a deep part on one side of the head and sweeping the hair to the other side, this style adds definition to your face structure while providing easy styling options suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

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5. Slickback Hairstyle

If you admire musicians like G-Eazy who rock slickbacks flawlessly, then this might be the perfect choice for you! The slickback haircut offers simplicity without compromising style factor or consuming too much time. It’s an excellent option for men with oval faces who want to achieve a sleek and polished look effortlessly.

6. Man Bun

For those looking for a trendy hairstyle that works well with an oval face, the man bun is worth considering. This popular style involves pulling back your hair into a bun at the top of your head, keeping it out of your face while delivering a laid-back Bohemian vibe. Whether you prefer a neat or messy appearance, this versatile style can be adapted to suit your taste.

7. Undercut

The undercut is making a comeback in recent years and looks fantastic on men with oval faces. With this cut, the sides and back of the head are shaved or trimmed very short while leaving longer hair on top that can be styled according to personal preference. The contrast between short sides and longer top creates an edgy yet refined look.


Embracing your oval face shape opens up endless possibilities when it comes to hairstyling options for men. From classic cuts like buzz cuts and crew cuts to more modern styles like quiffs and undercuts, there’s something for everyone! Experimenting with different hairstyles will not only enhance your overall appearance but also allow you to express yourself creatively through fashion choices.

Remember, no matter which haircut you choose from our list of best hairstyles for oval-faced men, confidence is key in carrying off any look successfully! So grab your comb and mirror, get inspired by these iconic haircuts tailored specifically for you, and create your own signature style today!

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