How to pick a Hairstyle for your face shape [Boys]

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How to pick a Hairstyle for your face shape [Boys]

Choosing the right hairstyle can make a significant difference in enhancing your overall appearance. However, finding the perfect hairstyle that complements your face shape is crucial. In this article, we will explore different face shapes and suggest three hairstyles for each one. But remember, ultimately try them out with the help of an AI app to see how they suit you before making a final decision.

Identifying Your Face Shape

Before diving into specific hairstyles, it’s important to determine your face shape accurately. To do this, stand in front of a mirror and observe three main points – your jawline, mid-face area, and forehead.

1. Rectangular Face Shape

If both your jawline and forehead are slightly wider than your mid-face area, then you likely have a rectangular face shape.

Recommended Hairstyles

  • Long Messy Side Part: This style adds balance by creating width on top while softening angular features.
  • Classic Crew Cut: A shorter style that gives a more athletic look while adding masculinity.
  • Fringe: Opting for medium to short length hair with some strands falling onto your forehead can create an appealing look.

2. Diamond Face Shape

A diamond-shaped face has a narrower lower third compared to its upper two-thirds.

Recommended Hairstyles

  • Classic Middle Part: Suitable for longer hair lengths as it helps frame the face symmetrically.
  • Messy Side Part: Adds dimension while maintaining balance between features.
  • Short Side Part: A mature yet classic hairstyle that accentuates strong facial features.

3. Round/Oval Face Shape

Round or oval faces have softer curves without prominent angles or edges.

Recommended Hairstyles

  • Comb Over: The timeless comb-over adds structure by creating slight angles around the temples and cheekbones.
  • Choppy Top: Keep hair shorter on the sides with medium length on top for a modern and textured look.
  • Side Swept: With longer hair on top, sweep it to one side to create an illusion of length.
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Considerations for Buzz Cuts

Buzz cuts can be a bold choice that suits certain face shapes better than others. While they round out the face shape, those with already round faces may want to consider other options. On the other hand, individuals with square faces – characterized by strong jawlines and facial features – often have success with buzz cuts.

Experimenting with Different Styles

To truly determine which hairstyle suits you best, consider using AI technology like the Face App. This app allows you to project different hairstyles onto your own image, helping you visualize what each style would actually look like on you before committing to any changes.

Product Recommendations

When styling your hair, choosing the right products is essential. Forte Series offers excellent grooming products designed by renowned YouTuber Alex Costa specifically for men’s grooming needs. Their Styling Cream provides a medium hold suitable for longer hairstyles mentioned above while their Paste or Clay offers stronger holds for shorter styles.


Finding the perfect hairstyle starts with understanding your face shape and experimenting with different looks through AI apps like Face App. Remember that these suggestions are guidelines based on common characteristics associated with specific face shapes but individual variations exist within each category. Use this information as a starting point in discovering which hairstyle enhances your unique features and boosts your confidence levels. So go ahead, explore various options today and achieve that perfect haircut!

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