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How Personal is Too Personal on Social Media?

  On this week’s Google+ Tips & Topics Lunch Hangout, we were excited to welcome social media star, Peg Fitzpatrick to our lunch table.   Peg is a perfect guest for a discussion about how to present a personality online. She’s built a huge social media following by being responsive, helpful and [...]
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Google+ : Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

This ever happen to you? You’re talking to a client and their response cues a song that plants an earworm in your head? Sweet Brown - Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Dat is the current resident of my cranium condo.   On our Google+ Tips Lunch Hangout chat this week, we talked about the Google+ advantages [...]
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When Did I Become a Media Company?

New media is changing us from channel surfing and page turning content consumers into content creators. That’s a good thing, right? More control, more voice, more…work.  Now that we’re our own media companies, how do we tap into the Mitch Joel in us?   When I heard Craig Silverman was doing a [...]
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9 Tips for Getting Started on Google+

“Where do I even start with Google+? It’s way too complicated.” I get that a lot. So on this week’s  Google+ Tips & Topics Lunch Hangout the esteemed panel was asked to give new Google+ users tips for getting started. The consensus was before sharing specific tips, the new “plusser” needed to [...]
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Content Marketing: 5 Experts 5 Views

Whether you believe the current hype around content marketing is crap or crêpes, you’re not going to avoid it. I have my thoughts why it’s such a hot topic, but this post is not about my opinion, but the opinions of experts who I admire and have learned so much from. I moderated a panel discussion [...]
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Power Your Content Marketing with Google+

Content Marketing confuses me. It looks human but there’s something off putting about it. I thought marketing content was something advertisers have always done. Wait. They still are. They’ve just ripped off the label “social media marketing” and replaced it with this year’s buzzword. They’ve [...]
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You’re On Google+, Now What?

 You’ve decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about Google Plus.     - with nearly 360 million active users, Google+ is second only to Facebook    - 70% of people search for your business first on Google. (Google+ is Google)    - Google+ posts are indexed almost immediately and [...]
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Why Isn’t Social Media Working For Small Business?

Did you see this headline this week? Study: Social media a bust for small businesses   I did, but hadn’t given much thought since it’s become clear that small business has been struggling with social media for a long time. I recently talked to a friend bemoaning the fact that I felt I was banging [...]
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Who is an Online Influencer?

  Is an online influencer someone that gets you to do something or to do something differently?   This is not my area of expertise which is why I refer to people like the following to enlighten me: Mark Schaefer -  Return On Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and [...]
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Making My Small Business Into a Social Business with Google+

Life before social media and social business… Before I opened my very first restaurant, I worked for a number of years in theatre – primarily, musical theatre. I was nervous about entering a field in which I had little experience other than the odd part time job as an actor/waiter.   Then I hit [...]
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