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How to Make a Great First Impression On Google Plus

The image someone sees when their mouse hovers over your Google+ avatar is your “hover-card”. This is your Google+ Business Card.   I enjoy receiving notifications when someone has added me to their circles, then disappointed when I’m greeted by a “blue head”.   What’s a “blue head”? It’s the [...]
Brand New Day

3 Steps Forward, 5 Posts Back

  The temptation to write a “best of” post at the end of the year is powerful. But, as Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything except temptation.” So, before I give you my top 5 posts from 2012, I’ll share with you 3 things I want to do to improve my business for 2013. Overall, I’m happy that the [...]

Social Business Requires Social People

If I had one wish for 2013 (apart from world peace) it would be that consultants stop advising clients to do social media and instead advise them how to do business – with social media. Social business has been “trending” this year and will even be a hotter topic in 2013. Lead by giant brands [...]

Pocket Networks – Finding Strength in Small Numbers

Success online is not measured by the size of your network but by the trust of your “tribes”. It’s impossible to nurture real relationships with each one of our hundreds of online friends and followers.    In real life, the subject and tone of our conversations reflect who we’re speaking to.  An [...]

5 Ways to Optimize Your Google+ Posts

“Search is a complicated and evolving art and science, so rather than focusing on specific algorithmic tweaks, we encourage you to focus on delivering the best possible experience for users.” – Google Thus spake Google. SEO is now content driven and the best possible experience for users is to [...]

How to Start Building a Social Business Strategy

With an overwhelming choice of social media platforms, management tools and applications, how do you begin to know where to start in creating your own social business strategy?

The Most Asked Question About Google+ ?

Summary and Slide Share of talking points from my talk at Social Media Breakfast Montreal #11.

Hover a +1 and Discover Recommendations for Other Awesome (on site) Content!

Hover a +1 and Discover Recommendations for Other Awesome (on site) Content!After receiving a notice this morning about this new Google feature, I rushed over to my blog to check it out.Below is a screen shot of what happened when I hovered over the G +1 button.This is very cool and quite a useful [...]

What Drives and Inspires Me? – Google+ Video Interview

What drives and inspires me was the first question I was asked in this Hangouts On Air live interview yesterday. Luis London, who with Andrew Chen, run Kai Design & Communications, interviewed me on behalf of Social Media Breakfast Montreal for my upcoming appearance there on July 4th. We tried to keep it short, but in case it's still too long for you (even in light of its compelling content), I include a summary below.

I Just Got to Get a Message to You

Building a community in Google+ is about managing your circles. It's about organizing your followers into smaller communities that are defined by their common interests and levels of engagement.
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