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What Can Google+ Do Better?

I share content about Google+ because I believe it’s the best online platform for business. Notice I didn’t say “social” platform. If you want to be found on search, If you want to establish your authority, If you want to build a community around your brand, If you want access to a suite of free [...]
G+ Hangout Sherry Nouraini

Welcome to My Google+ Office

Google Plus is where I do business. At a time when business is “personal”, it’s the perfect environment for marrying the two. Whether you separate your profile from your brand page or not, you’re able through “circles” and “Communities”, to tailor your message to your audience – all from one [...]

I Just Got to Get a Message to You

Building a community in Google+ is about managing your circles. It's about organizing your followers into smaller communities that are defined by their common interests and levels of engagement.

Why Google is Getting it Right With Google+

Google+ has been very busy introducing updates this week, and evidently the improvements will continue to come daily in the next week. Michael Stelzner interviews Jesse Stay to see how Google+ compares to Facebook, how Google+ is different and why Google+ is a social media powerhouse.

Not on Google Plus Yet?

Facebook could implode under the weight of its own complexity or Google+ could wait too long to introduce features that would make it more compelling for people to join. Those things are beyond my control. What I can control however, is where I put my time. And these days, when I go online, I go on Google+.

5 Ways to Achieve Your Business Goals

Like many self employed people, I struggle to keep focussed on the tasks at hand. But as anyone who works from home can tell you, the distractions are numerous; especially if you're a social media consultant who spends much of the day online.
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5 Steps to Better Internet Security

We all know the story.  We wait until our computer crashes before we realize how important it is to back up our data. We download torrents and open files recklessly thinking that because we have free anti-virus installed we’re protected from spam and malware.  Until …. It’s learning the hard [...]
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