Are You My Friend?

If you’ve ever read this blog or my tweets you can well appreciate that my passion for social media is second only to fine Scotch. I have a presence on many social media platforms and like many people, find that each platform has its specific strength.  For instance, I look to Twitter to keep me […]

5 Favourite Face Book Tutorials

It’s Friday and if I was still working in an office, I’d probably be enjoying a TGIF cocktail at a neighbourhood resto about now. But I’m home still banging away on my keyboard waiting while my 3 day old pâté chinois reheats for it’s third and final serving. I had signed up quite awhile ago […]

Making Sense out of Social Media

For those outside web design and marketing, the hype surrounding Social Media leaves a lot of people shaking their heads. The icons are plastered everywhere. TV and radio programs regularly sign off with invitations to “follow us on Twitter or our Face Book Page”. There’s always a story in the newspapers about some politician opening […]

Social Media: Bigger than God?

Sometimes I worry that I’m becoming a social media “Church Lady”.   You know, just a weeee bit self rightous and a lot judgemental. It has become evident as I watch my stats flatline and my friends run for the hills when I ask them what they think of my latest blog post, that not […]