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Brendan Tully Walsh Holacracy HOA

Are You Ready for Holacracy?

  Brendan Tully Walsh talking Holacracy on #GPlusLunchBunch What happens when the boss fires himself and declares a Holacracy? Chaos or egalitarian paradise? Neither, according to Brendan Tully Walsh, my guest this week on the GPlusLunchBunch show. I asked Brendan to join us around the Hangout [...]
Mile Araujo SocialMeex Content Marketing Panel

Content Marketing: 5 Experts 5 Views

Whether you believe the current hype around content marketing is crap or crêpes, you’re not going to avoid it. I have my thoughts why it’s such a hot topic, but this post is not about my opinion, but the opinions of experts who I admire and have learned so much from. I moderated a panel discussion [...]

Is Your Company Intrapreneur Friendly?

Are you an entrepreneur or an “intrapreneur”? Intrapreneurs aren’t to be confused with “keeners”, the ones that organize the lottery pools, echoes the boss’s declarations and walks past your desk with a permanently raised eyebrow.

Are Entrepreneurs Getting Social Media All Wrong?

This post is a response to an article I read recently: Guy Kawasaki Explains How Entrepreneurs Are Getting Social Media All Wrong I follow Guy Kawasaki on many platforms. However, being a social media mentor doesn’t make him infallible.

Baby, I’m a Rich Man Too!

The touch point of this conversation was Seth’s opinion on what it meant to be rich. “Most people in the western world define rich as someone who has more money than you.”

5 Ways to Achieve Your Business Goals

Like many self employed people, I struggle to keep focussed on the tasks at hand. But as anyone who works from home can tell you, the distractions are numerous; especially if you're a social media consultant who spends much of the day online.

Starting a Business Blog: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Do

Why a business blog? Blogs give your business the opportunity to speak to the market directly; in your own voice, on your own terms. More importantly, blogs give the market a chance to talk back and to share the conversation. It’s an ideal way for business entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, [...]
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