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Google+ Notifications


Seems to me that 2013 is the year that people are making the move to Google+.

While stats bear this out: GOOGLE+ IN DEPTH, I’ve noticed a bit of a tsunami in my home stream.

The introduction of G+ Communities was a big factor as is the increasing popularity of Hangouts.


But with increased traffic comes more noise – more notifications for events, communities, hangouts and posts.

As the platform gets busier, the need to manage notifications and what we see in our stream becomes more necessary - as we do with Twitter “lists” for example.


As far as mail notifications go, this can be more of a problem with Google+.

Because it’s so integrated with GMail, it’s incredibly easy to send your G+ post directly to someone’s inbox.

Here, I’ll show you how to create a Google+ version of an email Opt-in form as well as how to manage who can send you notifications.


Notifications via Email “Opt In Circle”


If you’d like to send your Google+ posts to someone’s email inbox, you have to have their permission; as you do with your blog’s email subscribers.

Because someone has circled you or given you a few “+1′s” doesn’t mean you’re in a “relationship”.

Ask permission before sending your posts to their inbox.

Here’s a way to do this using circles. 

Google+ Notification Circle

1. Create a “mail notification circle”:

    I’ve named mine Notification Small Business Links and added those I want to email notifications to.

2. Go to Home page and select circle.    

   Write your permission request or opt-in post.
   Share post to circle.

Do Not Click: “Also send email to (Name of circle)…” as you don’t have their permission yet.
Unless I’m absolutely sure that I have permission, I never use this option.

(If you want to be sure that you receive updates from people in this circle, push your volume slider to the far right to subscribe to their posts.)

Google+ OPt in post


Google+ notification share post   

Option: Send opt-in post before creating circle and notify them by adding “+” or “@” in front of their name in the body of the post or in the share box.

Then create circle from those who “opted in”.

Choose who is allowed to send you notifications


If you’re new to Google+, you might want to leave your settings fairly open as you work to build a network.

If you’ve been here awhile, the number of notifications you can receive when someone mentions you can get overwhelming.


Limiting who can send you notifications allows you to be notified of the mentions from only the people you select.

People included in ‘Who can send you notifications‘ are allowed to send you notifications for the following events:

- A post is shared specifically with you or the sharer chooses to notify recipients.

- You’re mentioned in a post or comment.

- Someone invites you to a game or shares something with you in a game.

- You’re invited to a hangout.

- You’re tagged in a photo.

- You’re invited to a community.


Google+ custom notificationGoogle+ Custom Permision


To select who you want to receive notifications from:

  1. Click the  menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Beside ‘Who can send you notifications‘ click the drop down menu and choose from among the listed options, or select a custom group of circles or individuals.


Leave any questions or comments below or send me an email.
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About Ray Hiltz

Ray Hiltz is a Google Plus Specialist and Social Media Strategist helping small businesses establish their brands and build their communities on the social web. A strong proponent for the power of collaborative communication and "humanized" digital networking, Ray writes about social media, social business and Google Plus. His clients include hotels, restaurants, consulting firms, entrepreneurs, writers and individuals just trying to make sense of "social". Ray is a popular speaker on Social Media, Social Business and Google+.