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Brand New Day

3 Steps Forward, 5 Posts Back

  The temptation to write a “best of” post at the end of the year is powerful. But, as Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything except temptation.” So, before I give you my top 5 posts from 2012, I’ll share with you 3 things I want to do to improve my business for 2013. Overall, I’m happy that the [...]

Pocket Networks – Finding Strength in Small Numbers

Success online is not measured by the size of your network but by the trust of your “tribes”. It’s impossible to nurture real relationships with each one of our hundreds of online friends and followers.    In real life, the subject and tone of our conversations reflect who we’re speaking to.  An [...]

Ah, Facebook. Is the Thrill Gone?

  Facebook and I are having our BB King moment -The Thrill is Gone. At first our relationship was tenuous. I wasn’t sure what to make of this gregarious new social media platform. But it grew on me and soon Cupid’s arrow struck pay dirt when I realized the size of its reach and its power to connect [...]

Why Social Comes Before Media

 Do you like coffee? Given the number of times we “go out for coffee”, share a virtual coffee with on-line friends (talking to you SMMM coffee freaks!) and crawl on our knees first thing in the morning to our coffee alter – I’d say most of us do. I attended MEEX this week.  It’s where I go to [...]
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Pulling Back the Curtain on Social Media Wizards (Video)

I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion this week on the subject of: Social Media Pros and Celebrities: Why You Need to Know the Difference. The conversation reflected the participants; humourous, insightful and opinionated.

Are You A Master Curator?

"We’re a small company. How are we going to come up with content everyday for our social media sites?” This question came up at a networking event that I attended this week called MEEX. I volunteered my advice that she "curate" some content. After the presentation, four people came up to me and asked what I meant by “curate". The problem when you get so immersed in a subject is that you start to speak "jargon" and "buzz words". A blog post was born.

5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Sucks

My RSS feed is filled with lists and other SEO friendly posts that promises marketing and blogging success. My Twitter stream is polluted with spam and my Facebook could use a good exfoliation.

The Most Asked Question About Google+ ?

Summary and Slide Share of talking points from my talk at Social Media Breakfast Montreal #11.

What Drives and Inspires Me? – Google+ Video Interview

What drives and inspires me was the first question I was asked in this Hangouts On Air live interview yesterday. Luis London, who with Andrew Chen, run Kai Design & Communications, interviewed me on behalf of Social Media Breakfast Montreal for my upcoming appearance there on July 4th. We tried to keep it short, but in case it's still too long for you (even in light of its compelling content), I include a summary below.

Got a Little Time for Some Social Media?

Social media isn't a band aid or a bandwagon. It’s a part of a comprehensive business plan to make your company more collaborative, communicative and responsive. As such, it demands an investment of time and resources. How much, depends on the goals you set.
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