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I’ve had many discussions this past week about social media. This isn’t all that surprising since I live and breathe the stuff. But once the conversations had ended and I went about my business walking Ruby or sweating over a late blog post, the conversation plays back in my head and I wonder if I had made any sense.

Did I give too much information? 

Did I go off on a social media marketing tangent when all they wanted to know was how to set up their Facebook page?

In this video, I’m asking what you want to know about social media. What confuses you?

How can I make it all better? :)

I think my passion is pretty obvious. But sometimes I need to raise my head above the rim of the fishbowl to see if anyone is actually paying attention.

I mention several people in this video who I count as mentors and friends.
Here are links to their sites.

Mark Schaefer, Mari Smith (Ten Qualities of Social Media Superstars) , Brian Cormier, David Gallant


What do you find most challenging about social media for your business or personally?

Thanks for dropping by.

About Ray Hiltz

Ray Hiltz is a Google Plus Specialist and Social Media Strategist helping small businesses establish their brands and build their communities on the social web. A strong proponent for the power of collaborative communication and "humanized" digital networking, Ray writes about social media, social business and Google Plus. His clients include hotels, restaurants, consulting firms, entrepreneurs, writers and individuals just trying to make sense of "social". Ray is a popular speaker on Social Media, Social Business and Google+.