Brendan Tully Walsh Holacracy HOA

Are You Ready for Holacracy?

  Brendan Tully Walsh talking Holacracy on #GPlusLunchBunch What happens when the boss fires himself and declares a Holacracy? Chaos or egalitarian paradise? Neither, according to Brendan Tully Walsh, my guest this week on the GPlusLunchBunch show. I asked Brendan to join us around the Hangout [...]
Mark Schaefer Failing Social Media HOA

Mark Schaefer Explains Why We’re Failing Social

    Mark W. Schaefer most definitely does not fail “social”, but he knows why so many of us do. I first met Mark through his renowned blog. After months of small provocations we got to meet in person and this week, Mark guested on my weekly Google Plus Hangout On Air show. That’s how “social” is [...]
Google Plus HOA

Are We Hooked on Personal Validation?

We have to be human online. We need to be authentic and personal so we can build real relationships and engagement. The reward?  We’ll receive validation through hundreds of “likes” and “plus 1′s”. But how much is that validation candy affecting how we portray ourselves online? On this [...]
Trust Shakespeare Quote

Can We Build Our Trust With Google Plus

  Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something. This week on our Google Plus Lunch Bunch Show, we talked trust. Trust is the bedrock on which we build communities, networks and business. You’d think that it would be at the centre of every [...]
Google + Lunch Bunch Bil Gassett

Build Your Real Estate Business and Brand with Google Plus – HOA w Bill Gassett

    If your business depends on trust for your success, then you’ll want to hear what realtor, Bill Gassett has to say.   A social media and SEO enthusiast, Bill is one of the first non digital industry people I circled on Google Plus. He’s a prolific publisher who demonstrates the best of content [...]
Top Ten Google Plus Posts

Top 10 Spundge Curated Google Plus Posts

This post is a snapshot of my Google+ Daily Top 10 page. The Page features my own hit parade of top Google Plus related articles and embedded posts that I save each day in my Spundge (affiliate) notebook. One of the features I like best about this awesome curation tool is the ease with which you [...]
Google Plus Sparkle

10 Tips To Help Your Google Plus Resolution Succeed

  Is spending more time on Google Plus one of your New Year’s resolutions? If so,  I applaud you. I also wish you lots of luck. Seems 48% of resolutions don’t make it past 6 months. If you’re over 50, your success rate is only 14%. Like your business, you need to make changes for the right [...]
ROI on Google Plus HOA Ronnie Bincer

How Business Can Use Google Plus Hangouts On Air

Hangouts and specifically, Hangouts on Air (HOA’s) are the most popular Google Plus service. They’re the entry drug for the Google+ curious. But as +Ronnie Bincer has pointed out in many of his HOA appearances, there are concrete networking, social and search benefits to hosting HOA’s. So when I [...]
Google+ HOA Holiday Strategy

Have the Holidays Changed Your Social Marketing Routine?

How much Holiday spirit is too much? How politically correct should we be when communicating with clients at this time of year? These are some of the topics we discussed this week on our regular G+ Tips & Topics Lunch Bunch show. Our Tuesday Lunch Bunch is made up of marketing professionals, [...]
Google Plus Picks of teh Week

Google Plus Picks of the Week

On this week’s Google Plus picks:  - a list of tools to help us measure our Google Plus content marketing progress,  - some sober second thought on the Youtube G+ comment integration,  - a thorough guide to managing photos (and more) on Google Plus,  - a look at the weight Google gives social [...]
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